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1 Forum Rules on Sat Oct 18, 2008 8:09 pm


Dynabid.org actively encourages all members to use the forums in order to chat on any subject. Dynabid.org staff will regularly drop in to answer questions and join in the chat. However it must be understood that these are public chat rooms so we must all use them with respect to others. This means that we have to lay down a few guidelines and rules. Any posts that are put onto the boards are the responsibility of the person that posted them and not Dynabid.org Forum posts that infringe the rules will be removed and action will be taken regarding the potential suspension of the member. Dynabid.org reserves the right to decline or cancel membership to the forums without giving a reason. Dynabid.org also reserves the right to remove any post without warning. Posts that are not allowed or are considered unacceptable are as follows:
* That contains items that breach copyrights.
* That include peoples postal addresses, phone numbers or contact information.
* That are reposts of Moderator-deleted posts.
* That include distasteful words, vulgarity, profanity, violent threats or promote hatred or racial discrimination.
* That include material of any kind that is pornographic or contains adult content, or links to such pages.
* That are derogatory to other members and include usernames, listing numbers etc..
* That include active code or Java script to repeat the posts.
* That breach the Dynabid user agreement.
* That impersonates a Dynabid.org staff member.
* That include advertising links or urls to websites promoting off site sales or other auction sites(apart from the members own personal websites with a link back to Dynabid.org)
* That include threads from suspended members posting using the id's of other users
* That include surveys unless by prior arrangement with Dynabid.
* That include competitions that are not organised by an Dynabid staff member

If a member regularly uses, or is deemed to use, the forum facility to provoke an angry reaction from other member/members or uses the forum as a venue to vent personal grievances against another member, then the person doing this will be suspended from using the forum facilities. If a member is suspended from using the forum and that member has control of more than one user account, all accounts will be suspended. Dynabid.org cares about the growth of the community and will allow free speech as best it can within the forums. However free speech doesn't need to contain vulgarity or threats etc. The Forums are for the use of people age 16 or over. Dynabid.org will remove and may suspend members who break these rules at their discretion.


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